Travel Advisor: Rachel Tunnicliffe

Rachel Tunnicliffe


342 Great Road
Acton, MA 01720


(978) 208-3182 (978) 208-3182

Specializing in:

Luxury, River Cruise, Ocean Cruise, Europe, Exotic Destinations

Travel Advisor

About Me

Favorite destination? Italy


Why is that your favorite destination? food, culture, scenic beauty


What destination is on your bucket list? Africa


Why is that destination on your bucket list? ultimate wildlife viewing


What destinations have you visited? I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the United States including the Hawaiian islands, Alaska, many national parks, and all throughout the South and Northeast.

In Europe I have visited the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungry, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Malta, Australia, Slovakia.

I have also traveled to Costa Rica, Mexico, and many Caribbean islands


Why should someone book their vacation with you? I strive to create exceptional vacation experiences based on your specific areas of interest.


What travel industry certifications have you earned?


Are you fluent in a language other than English? If so, what other language(s) do you speak?


One thing you’d like our members to know about you? Avid cook and creating recipe book of ultimate favorite dishes