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Luke Schiemann


25 Mountain Street East
Worcester, MA 01606


(508) 927-5158 (508) 927-5158

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Family, Luxury, Ocean Cruise, Tropical/Beach, Europe

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About Me

Favorite destination?


Why is that your favorite destination?

I am actually a dual-citizen of both the U.S. and Germany, so going back and spending time with family over there are some of my favorite memories. The food, culture, and beauty of the country are unlike anything else in Europe!

What destination is on your bucket list?

New Zealand

Why is that destination on your bucket list?

Seeing how different the natural beauty of New Zealand compared to anything else in the world always wows me. I would love to do a backpacking trip to see the diverse nature and wildlife when I get the chance.

What destinations have you visited?

13 total cross-country road trips in the U.S, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Curaçao, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, France, Myanmar, and almost any National Park!

Why should someone book their vacation with you?

I grew up living and breathing travel. My dad was in the German Airforce and would frequently be away for work in Europe and Asia so every school break my whole life was hopping on a plane. I have two Bachelor's Degrees from UMass Amherst with a BA in History, and a BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Two fields which I feel combined give me an in-depth understanding of the globe. But my biggest strength is my genuine empathy and care, I treat every travel request as if came from my own family, and I will support you every step of the way.

One thing you’d like our members to know about you?

I have a built-out camper van! I have lived out of it working in National Parks and ski towns all over the country and can not recommend it enough.