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Bianca Rheaume


653 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701


(508) 915-4417 ext. 3505 (508) 915-4417 ext. 3505
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About Me

Favorite destination?

Walt Disney World


Why is that your favorite destination?

The joy that the location has brought my entire family throughout my life makes it the most memorable place for me with all my relatives and the thrill rides are my favorite!


What destination is on your bucket list?



Why is that destination on your bucket list?

I have always been extremely interested in learning about ancient civilizations and Belize has over 10 major Mayan ruins that I am eager to explore and learn about!


What destinations have you visited?

Walt Disney World, Universal FL, Orlando FL, Jupiter FL, Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Paris, Cozumel, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Haiti, Dominican Republic, New York, Key West & Islamorada


Why should someone book their vacation with you?

I have a passion for traveling and finding new ways to view the world this helps me book vacations by ensuring that I am always looking for and finding the newest and greatest opportunities for all destinations!


What travel industry certifications have you earned?

Princess Commodore


One thing you’d like our members to know about you?

When pursuing my degree, I traveled to 4 countries including spending a month in Venice Italy learning the history, culture and education systems of the globe.