Travel Advisor: Amy Orzechowski

Amy Orzechowski


869 Grand Army of the Republic Highway
Somerset, MA 02725


(508) 915-4602 (508) 915-4602

Specializing in:

Family, Disney/ Universal, Ocean Cruise, Tropical/Beach

Travel Advisor

About Me

Favorite destination? Australia


Why is that your favorite destination? I visited 3 different parts of Australia last year and they were all different but equally amazing. The scenery is beautiful, and the wildlife is unique!


What destination is on your bucket list? Alaska


Why is that destination on your bucket list? I have heard and read so many things about Alaska. I love the outdoors and wildlife, so I definitely need to visit Alaska!


What destinations have you visited? Florida-Orlando, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Arizona-Phoenix, Mesa, Grand Canyon, California-San Diego, Disneyland in Anaheim, Azores-Sao Miguel Ireland- 10 days on a tour with Trafalgar, Australia-Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, most of New England on various drive vacations


Why should someone book their vacation with you? I love seeing people experience new destinations. I love to travel, and I encourage everyone I talk to go on vacations. It's exciting to see people excited about travel and it makes me happy to see them enjoying life!


One thing you’d like our members to know about you? I decorate cakes for family and friends